Surviving the new economy means not wasting time.

When marketing means not just getting the phone to ring, but pre-screening prospects or allowing them to self-select. We are all years past the days when online marketing consisted of flat web pages with a picture and some text. Continue Reading »


Taking an Order, or Collaborating on Projects and Campaigns

A project may require only scheduling and production, and we understand that in many cases early delivery equals good service. However, not every call is the same. Continue Reading »

Traditional Media is the New Black (and you know how great you look in black)

Once a decision has been made that a color rendering is required, then the final choice is between watercolor and a 3D computer model. Continue Reading »

When you need artwork, but have no source materials…

We are frequently approached by clients preparing for project approval presentations, funding presentations, and other materials to support the early stages of development. Continue Reading »

“Do I have what it takes?” (Yes, you do!)

Every new project requires source materials of some kind. In general, the more that the provided set of source is complete and specific, the less effort it takes to establish a Scope of Work and a written estimate or proposal. Continue Reading »

What the picture is FOR is more important than what the picture is OF

This is the biggest surprise in any initial conversation. The particular single-family home, multi-use or multi-unit development, office, or institutional building does not determine the price of a project. Be specific Continue Reading »

Rendering for Dummies (Your mother and I still think your brilliant!)

So, you are here thinking about a rendering, or perhaps more broadly about marketing. Maybe you have seen a picture that you liked, or perhaps it is a matter of meeting the standard set by your competitors. Either way, you need some art. Now what are you going to do? Continue Reading »